I highly recommend Potter's Wheel Counseling to achieve a symbiotic spirtual and mental wellness and maturity. Michelle, Allyson and Kimberly, are amazing women of God and I am truly blessed to know each of them.

Potter's Wheel Counseling
Welcome to the path towards freedom
If you are looking for breakthroughs in any area of mental health and wellness, I wholeheartedly recommend Potter's Wheel Counseling. Michelle is a sensitive, caring professional that has the necessary expertise to guide people into their own personal wellness and triumph!

At Potter's Wheel Counseling, our primary goal is to help people find permanent solutions to problems. We don't want to provide a temporary relief that requires ongoing care. Instead, we want to get to the root of the problem and stop the struggling permanently.

In order to accomplish that, we will provide a full, complete intake assessment that will evaluate your current situation as well as past trauma. This fee for this initial assessment is $100. Once that initial assessment is completed, a second appointment can be scheduled with our counselor, if that is the best fit for you. If our office is not the right fit, a referral to a qualified counselor outside of our office will be provided.

While the counselors at Potter's Wheel do not currently take many types of insurance (click HERE to see the list of insurances we accept), we do believe that everyone should have access to mental health care. As a result, we provide counseling at reduced fees for those that qualify for our sliding scale. Please let your counselor know during the intake assessment if this applies to you. We also offer a limited number of scholarships. The sliding scale and/or scholarships do not take effect until the 2nd session. The first session still remains at $100. The second session has an additional $50 fee that is added for testing. The testing is required and is not covered by insurance.

What we do:
Potter's Wheel Counseling
911 N. Tennessee Street, Suite 204
Cartersville, GA 30120-8513
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